​WizClaim™ ​Pro 2018 ~ beta ~

Medical Insurance Claim App


Health, Hospital and Dental Claims

  • ​Touch Screen
    • Handwriting Recognition​

  • "Multi-user" 
    • Supports 3-concurrent operators
      • Purchase more seats 
      • "Network Licensing" 

  • Security ​​
    • Role Base User/Group
    • ​Supervisor Mode
    • Full Logon, Password Secure
    • ​Change User without leaving application

  • Calendar Pro™ Calendar and Scheduling
    • ​Sophisticated Outlook™ style calendar 
    • Manage appointments which can be arranged by day, week, work week or month.
    • Week view is displayed as a seven day calendar; month view is designed like a traditional 31 day calendar.
    • Adding appointments to the calendar can be done with the click of a mouse.
    • Appointments can be rescheduled simply by dragging the appointment to the new time.
    • Appointments can easily be identified by assigning them a color label or a busy status.
    • Appointments can be labeled as private or meeting. 

  • Database Technology 
    • Password Encrypted
    • File Sharing
    • "Small footprint", self contained
      • Does not require complex DBA knowledge
    • ​Basic automatic file management
    • File structure upgrading
    • Automatic detection & repair of file corruption
    • Build, Pack, Release, Fix, Freshen, Info, Create
    • Smart Start Technology - Recognizes first time use
    • User Profile Disk (UPD) Implementation

  • Claims Management
    • Calendar "Popup" for all date fields
    • Copy Claim 
      • Duplicate any claim without entering any claim data.
    • Pro - Advanced Touch Mode
      • (Keyboard less entry) Handwriting recognition
    • "Fill in the Blanks" claim entry Mode
      • Get started quickly
      • Simple & Easy
      • Just like typing the form

  • Patient Registration/Manager
    • Select Patient during Claims Entry
      • Add new Patient "on the fly"
    • Automatic Fill of Patient Information In Claim Form
    • Central database for both health and dental claim processing

  • Reports / Lists
    • Print Preview Mode
    • Select an Output
      • ​​Print
      • XML
      • Text
      • PDF
      • HTML

  • Code "Lookup" (Tables) Management
    • Codes Tables are used during the "PRO" claim entry of a for validation
    • Edit in Place mode

  • Import / Export using JSON
    • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format.
    • Easy for humans to read and write. Easy for machines to parse and generate.
    • Based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language,Standard ECMA-262 3rd Edition - December 1999. 
    • JSON text format is completely language independent using conventions that are familiar to programmers of the C-family of languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and many others.​​

  • Image Manager​
    • Find Image file
    • Attach web link <http> address
    • Assign Name / Purpose and Descrption
    • Catagories
      • ​Image
      • Photograph
      • Identification
      • Fingerprint
      • Insurance
      • Signature
      • Other

  • Hyperlinks <http> management

  • Billing Status Manager

  • Submit Claims - Electronic & Paper
    • Electronic Claims
      • (Electronic Media Interface) EDI
    • Paper Claims  
      • Simple and easy, just print claims on paper forms

  • GEO Location
    • Uses Google Maps
    • Find Latitude / Longitude by Address of location
    • Computed distances between two locations
      • Miles and Kilometers 

  • What's This? Help
    • User configurable and editable.
    • Customized online help

  • Simple eMail and Messaging (SMS)

"Touch" designed and enabled for Windows™10 and the Surface Tablet

Starter Edition supports 3-concurrent operators

​(Additional user seats can be purchased)

WizClaim™ Pro simplifies submission, eliminates claim-processing errors, and improves reimbursement cycle!

WizClaim™ Pro 2018

​​Medical Insurance Claims  & Calendar Pro™
Health (CMS-1500), Dental ADA™, Hospital (UB04)