WizClaim™ Pro 2018

​​Universal Medical Claim App 

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Select Claim to Copy

WizClaim™ Enter Add/Edit function automatically - Assigns New CLAIM #

New Claim Saved to Database

myCopy Claim will be Added


Using this powerful but simple feature create an exact duplicate of any claim in a matter of seconds touching a few simple buttons.

The function is supported within the CUE (Claim User Edit) Browse Lists for any of the methods of entering insurance claims: 

  • FITB (Fill-in-the-blanks) 
  • TOUCH 
  • TYPE

Touching the myCopy button while the claim is highlighted creates an exact duplicate of the claim in the database, then opens the claim "in edit mode" to allow the user to make any changes, for example, changing the Dates of Services.

Then click OK to save the newly created "duplicate copy" of the claim.


Touch myCopy