​​Insurance Claim Form Wizard for Healthcare

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WizClaim™ Online User Guide - Information, Help and Step-by-Step Guide with Illustrations (Screen Samples)

We've included with the WizClaim™ App a comprehensive Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file (myZure.chm) User's Guide. The User Guide is also provided in a PDF format.

This guide is a button click away from any device at any time. Press the F1 - Function Key from anywhere in the app to launch the Online Help.

This comprehensive guide was created to enable the user to understand and execute any of the features of the App with ease. Coming up to speed with a new App can be time consuming and frustrating without the proper Help and Instructions. 

Each and every feature and function is described in detail and in almost all cases "step-by-step" instructions are illustrated to speed the users ability to exercise the utility of the App for its intended purpose.