DEMO Login - WizClaim™ on Azure™ RemoteApp Deployed Cloud Location: Japan West  

Insurance Claim App

... on the Cloud

Click WizClaim™  to start the App

App Starts and you're ready to Enter Health Insurance Claims

...on the Cloud

Entered Simple Fill-In-The-Blanks "FITB" Claim for a Patient.

Change Password Prompt Wizard

Starting WizClaim™

Download the Remote Desktop Client for your device preference... In this example we're using Windows™ 10 on a Surface 3 so we'll get the Windows Azure RemoteApp Client.

I'm already logged into Windows™ so my Remote App Starts and shows me the applications I'm authorized to use by my Administrator.

Login with ID and Password. Password defaults to Login ID for the first time Login.

Create New User Account and Login ID.

Azure™ RemoteApp Client Application Installed...

Claim Complete and Ready to Submit for Reimbursement

...on the Cloud

This is the first time we're starting the App so we'll need to create a User Account. We're prompted by the Wizard.

WizClaim™ Pro 2018

​​Universal Medical Claim App 

HEALTH    -     DENTAL     -      HOSPITAL